Best Liqueurs and Schnapps

The story of the Best Liqueurs and Schnapps


Liqueurs are an alcoholic beverage flavored by variety of sources such as fruit, herbs, flowers spices nuts and various cream in combination with distilled spirit. These are commonly heavily sweetened but not aged beyond production stage. Liqueurs are historical derived from herbal medicines.

The group of liqueurs is broad. Liqueur, not to be confused with liquor. They are bold enough to stand on their own but also make great mixers.  Liqueur is a spirit and may encompass any spirit from whiskey, vodka or rum that is sweetened with sugar and natural or artificial flavoring. Some of the most popular flavors include orange, berry, coffee and almond. The commercial liqueurs on the market are generally lower in alcohol than a standard 40 percent ABV. However, there can be a lot of variation in the alcohol content between the various brands.

The liqueurs encompass a very broad group of beverages and subgroups of these shown below

  • Coffee liqueurs
  • Berry liqueurs
  • Chocolate liqueurs
  • Cream liqueurs
  • Crème liqueurs
  • Flower liqueurs
  • Fruit liqueurs
  • Herbal liqueurs
  • Anise-flavored liqueur 
  • Honey lique
  • Nut-flavored liqueurs
  • Whisky liqueurs


Schnapps or schnaps is an alcoholic beverage that may come in a variety of formats including distilled fruit brandies, herbal liqueurs, and infusions. This would also include “flavored liqueurs” made by adding fruit syrups, spices, or artificial flavorings to neutral grain spirits.

The English word for ‘schnapps’ is from the colloquial German word Schnaps which was used to describe ‘spirit drinks’. The word Schnaps stems from Low German language and is related to the German term ‘schnappen’. This refers to the fact the spirit drink is usually consumed in a quick shot of beverage from a ‘shot glass’

This is usually divided into German and American Schnapps. There are significant differences between German and American Schnapps, primarily where the spirit originated.

German schnapps are made by fermenting fruit juices from any fruit such as pear, apple, cherry, mint or herbs into a clear spirit. In America, schnapps are commonly made by mixing fruit flavors into neutral grain alcohol.

The main difference between best liqueurs and schnapps is that liqueurs are generally sweeter. Liqueurs are generally mixed into cocktails while schnapps are generally taken straight up.

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Baileys Irish Cream Baileys Irish Cream Almande Liqueur 750ml

Grand Marnier  Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur 750ml

DisaronnoDisaronno Italian Liqueur 750ml

Baileys Irish Cream Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur 1L

Romana Sambuca Romana Sambuca Liquore Classico 750ml

Grand Marnier 100 Year Old Anniversary Grand Marnier 100 year 750ml

Damiana Guaycura Liqueur  Damiana Guaycura Liqueur 750ml

Cinnabon  Cinnabon Cream Liqueur 750ml

Absinthe Ordinaire  Absinthe Ordinaire Herbal Liqueur 750ml

Chambord Chambord Raspberry Liqueur 375ml

Dekuyper  Dekuyper Triple Sec 1L 750ml

Bols Amaretto  Bols Amaretto Liqueur 1L

DeKuyper Creme De Menthe Green DeKuyper Creme De Menthe

99 Bananas  99 Bananas SchnappsLiqfueur 750ml

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur  Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 1L

Ouzo #12 Ouzo #12 Specialty Liqueur 750ml

Grand Marnier Titanium Grand MarnierTitanium Fruit

Soho  Soho Lychee Liqueur 750ml

Giffard Pamplemousse Rose Gifard Pamplemousse Rose Specialty Liqueur 750ml

Blue Chair Bay Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Cream Rum 750ml

Campari  Campari Liqueur 750ml

Berentzen  Berentzen Apfelkorn Apple Schnapps 750ml

Slow & Low's Rock And Rye Slow & Low’s Rock and Rye Specialty Liqueur 750ml

Godiva  Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur 750ml

Marie Brizzard Parfait Amour  Marie Brizzard Parfait Amour Liqueur 750ml

Pimm's  Pimm’s English Liqueur 750ml

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