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There is not much hard historical evidence for the beginning of vodka. Scholars debate the beginnings of vodka.  For many centuries, beverages differed significantly compared to the vodka of today, as the spirit at that time had a different flavor, color and smell, and was originally used as medicine. Originally, vodka contained little alcohol, an estimated maximum of about 14%. The distillation process introduced in 8th century increased purity and increased alcohol content.

Vodka has no strict definitions for its production with the final product usually characterized as being odorless, colorless and tasteless. However, custom distillers like to leave selective flavors in their vodka. This, of course, will always remain an industrial secret.

Top Rated Vodkas as well as all Vodkas are produced from primarily fermented grains or potatoes but also from sugars and some fruits. The primary producers Poland, Russia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Vodka can be produced by undergoing multiple distillation processes resulting in a significant increase in alcohol content.

Much of vodkas popularity is due to the introduction of flavored vodka. Plan vodka does not have a strong flavor and thus can be essentially mixed with anything you may think of.

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Reyka Icelandic Vodka 750ml

Absolut Swedish Vodka 1.75L

Tito's Handmade Vodka Tito’s Handmade Vodka 750ml

Nat KidderNat Kidder Navy Strength Vodka  750ml

Born and Bred Born and Bred American Craft Vodka 750ml

SkyySky California Vodka 750ml

Ketel One Ketel One Dutch Vodka 750ml

New Amsterdam New Amsterdam American Made Vodka 750ml

Cîroc Ciroc Premium Vodka 750ml

Russian Standard Russian Standard Premium Vodka 750ml

StolichnayaStolichnaya Russian Vodka 750ml

Ultimat Ultimat Polish Vodka 750ml

Zubrowka Zu Zubrowka Zu Bison Grass Vodka 750ml

Hophead Hop Hophead Hop Vodka 750ml

Grey Goose Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka 750ml

Smirnoff SorbetSmirnoff Sorbet Pineapple Coconut 750ml

Zyr Zyr Russian Vodka 750ml

Smirnoff WatermelonSmirnoff Watermelon Flavored Vodka 750ml

Blue Ice Blue Ice American Potatoe 750ml

Cîroc 10 Ciroc 10 Vodka

Chambord Chambord Vodka 750ml

Skyy RaspberrySkyy Raspberry Flavored Vodka 750ml


Absolut Absolut Oak Barrel Crafted Vodka750ml

BelvedereBelvedere Citrus Vodka 750ml

Effen Green Apple Flavored Vodka 750 mlEffen Green Apple Flavored Vodka 750ml

44 North Huckleberry 44 North Huckleberry Potato Vodka 750ml

Pravda Pravda Vodka 750ml

Tanqueray Sterling VodkaTanqueray Sterling Vodka 750ml



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